Bring It All Back

July 14, 2019

After our last post we decided maybe it was time to head back to Cali…

iPhone X

iPhone X

iPhone X

A bit of work, and a bit of fun. We’ve gotten our total pack weight down to 17.33kg (check in) and 5kg (carry-on) for a full week of work and a full week of travel, including gear for 2 nights camping in Point Reyes, 1 night camping in Big Sur and 2 nights camping in Yosemite.

Lots of Dyneema this time around to make this pack weight - we’re kicking the tires on a couple of pieces of totally unneccessary but still cool gear - the Big Agnes Scout 2 Carbon and the Millet Trilogy 30. We love our HMG something fierce, but also love that more and more mainstream manufacturers are starting to experiment with this fabric.

We’ll see how it goes. For now, just happy to be back in the land of blue skies and those beautiful rolling fogs…

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